SIPABOARDS CRUISER DRIVE Its shape cuts through the chop and keeps you paddling all day long, and its versatility makes it a great choice for recreation and enjoyment too. The Cruiser is the perfect board to take you further, to find what's around the bend, and to help you find that hidden spot. The powerful Sipa Drive provides self-inflation in less than 5 minutes and the jet propoulsion gives you a boost to keep you on the water longer. Just one click and you're paddling further than ever and coming back to shore safely, every time. Sipaboards Drive models are ideal for paddlers of all ages and levels. It can level skill gaps, keeping groups of different experience together all day. And when the wind changes or you hit an unexpected current, the motor will help you overcome a tricky situation.

Note: Sipa Paddles are sold separately. The paddles in the pictures are for ilustration purposes only. 

Sipaboards Cruiser Drive

SKU: eco-03001
    • Double layer drop-stitch inflatable standup paddle board
    • Fully integrated jet engine with built-in compressor and hose
    • Battery pack and charging cable
    • Wireless paddle-mount remote
    • Safety leash and board-carry strap
    • Longboard fin - US finbox
    • Deluxe carrying backpack
    • Connectivity Software in Appstore
    • Manual