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  • What is the battery life of your products?
    The batteries on Carvers and Manta are the same, but due to the engine power difference between them and the possibility to limit the maximum battery ouput, they have a different duration depending on the board that is used. Manta: Up to 5 hours at medium speed and approx at 2 ½ hours at max speed. Carvers: 40 min at mixed speeds depending on riders weight and area of use. This time will be excited if the rider will limit the maximum battery output on his control.
  • What are the top speeds?
    The Carver X, ther Carver and Manta are designed to enjoy two different ways in the water. Therefore, each model has its own maximum speed. The CarverX: Is designed te reach speeds of 30mph (48 km/h). Reaching or exceeding this speeds depends on power setting (see below), riders weight and skills. The Carver: Up to 24mph (38 km/h) with a 175lbs (80 kg) pilot on flat water. Speeds will be higher in swell or for a lighter rider! Manta: 6mph (9.5 km/h) at max speed and 4mph (6.4 km/h) at medium speed. NOTE: ALWAYS WEAR A USCG APPROVED FLOATING DEVICE WEAR A HELMETRIDING THE CARVER X & THE CARVER. FOR ADDITIONAL PROTECTION CONSIDER AN IMPACT APPROVED PERFORMANCE VEST
  • How long does it take to charge a battery?
    Both board packages come with one battery and a high performance charger that attaches to a 120V DC outlet. The batteries can be charged in around 90 minutes.
  • Can I use the same battery for all models?
    Absolutely. You can easily interchange the batteries and use the same one for the Carver's or the Manta.
  • How does weight influence top speeds of the Carver X and the Carver?
    The Carvers are built to perform well in all kinds of water. They are lightweighted and well balanced to meet criteria like maneuverability, performance, and duration under many conditions and varying speeds. The Carver X: With a engine equivalent of 19HP the Carver X is a very powerful board. The torque of it's two water jet turbines can be rated even higher. A rider that weights up to 199lbs (90kg) will still plane with the Carver X just using its 75% of its max power (see below for max power settings). Riders in the range of up to 250lbs (115kg) will have the Carver X planing using its full power. You can also see our Youtube channel which will provide speed demos The Carver: It will reach its top speed planning for an operator which weighs less than 175lbs (80 kg). A rider weighing up to 199lbs (90kg) will use wakes or light swell and their downhill effect to plane. Pilots in the range of up to 220lbs (100kg) and more will not experience high speeds in flat water but can use the Carver’s immediate available torque and acceleration to push them into waves or ride fast in the swell. You can also see our Youtube channel which will provide speed demos
  • What about using the Carver X and the Carver in the surf?
    The Carver is a rigid and well built board that is designed and manufactured to last. It is commonly known that surf conditions require skills for people to even be able to handle normal washout conditions. We recommend first using the Carver's outside the surf. Choose areas that are less challenging, for example where you would also train on a SurfSUP and beyond. Like other boards a Carver's can hurt you and others, if you are not fully experienced operating it. Also, always follow all safety procedures while operating the Carver's, respect the surfing etiquette and never use the Carver's near other persons.
  • Is there a way to test the Carver X, the Carver and the Manta?"
    Yes. We randomly provide test days on the Indian River Lagoon in Florida in flat water conditions. We also encourage you to visit one of our VARs (Value Added Rentals and Resellers) that we train and support throughout the country. If you decide to test our boards best case bring audience that represents all skill levels and useage applications, so you get a full view and instant feedback. Please note that we don’t provide in surf, swell or wake condition tests due to liability reasons. We work hard to establish a growing community that will be able to exchange best practice in the near future. Until then ready thes Q&As carefully and rely on the advice of our sales team
  • What regulations do I have to follow?
    The Carver and the Manta are electric jet propelled and are therefore considered a watercraft. We are working closely together with the USCG to to provide them with best practice and specifics about that new sport. As the Carver and the Manta are electric jet propelled some regulations related to PWCs don’t apply to them, which will make operation easier for you. Registration or Tags have to be considered in specific states. In this case we'll provide you with a CoO (Certificate of Origin) so you can register your board easily.
  • Motorized vessels must have a fire extinguisher, display tag & numbers. What about your electric jet boards?"
    You are right, all jet boards are considered vessels and therefore have to meet standards. We have been working with the USCG and are exempt from specific requirements. So other then with any board having a combustion engine, with our electric propelled jet boards you are good to go. All our boards display a sticker to prove this exemption. Also with every board sold we provide a CoO (certificate of origin) that enables you to title the board, get a tag and display the necessary registration numbers. Feel free to share this info with your local authorities and let us know if they have any questions.
  • Where can I find information on how to operate a propelled watercraft
    Operation of all propelled Watercrafts on all US waters is regulated by the USCG (US Coast Guards) assisted by State, Country and City authorities. As specific regulations on registration may vary from state to state the “rules of the road” the navigation rules are defined and controlled by the USAG and you can find them here. Also if you have never operated a boat before several institutions provide online and local boater safety courses that you find here
  • Where can I find information about rules in the surf
    There are some important basics that you should truly follow if you ever use the Carver X and Carver in the surf. Not just that the technology and the advantages of electric jetboards are new at most beaches, YOU as a person are probably also a new comer there. So act like a good guest that respects the local rules and the etiquette of Surfing that you find here (thanks to The Surfinghandbook)
  • What is the Warranty your products?
    We will cover manufacturing defects for 12 Months from the date of purchase for boards, batteries and chargers. Parts and accessories are covered for 6 months. The warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship. We are confident after more than 3 years of intense R&D, with high quality production components from Spain and Germany to provide this valuable warranty. Having the boards out in the market and testing them here in Florida in all conditions (heat, saltwater, lagoon,...) is a benefit that you profit from. Also with our US based service we provide everybody a hassle free time on the water.
  • What happens if I run out of battery?
    The battery will always show your its charge so you can easily estimate your upcoming or remaining ride time. First the battery itself has a charging indicator so you can check it even when it is not connected to the board. While riding your wrist remote control will continuously inform you about the charge. The remote of the Carver will inform you with a red indicator that your battery is low. Instead of powering off it will limit the speed and provide you with a slow speed mode to get back. And don’t worry about running out of battery with the Manta, for at normal speed you have 5 hours runtime and it comes still with a paddle.
  • How long does it take to change a battery?
    Other than like gas propelled technology “refueling” the Carver and the Manta is fast, easy and hassle free. You turn the battery’s handle, take the discharged battery out and the new flushes into the compartment. In less than a minute you are done, right on your stern platform, the dock or on the beach. Without the risk to spill and harm the environment or bad smells on you or your guests.
  • How much do the Carver X, the Carver and the Manta weight?"
    The Carver X weights 27.5lbs, the Carver weights 26.5lbs and the Manta 35lbs. The battery adds 22.4lbs. So the Carver is approx 49lbs and the Manta 57lbs. The Carver X has two batteries and is 73lbs. Due to the detachable batteries the boards can still be carried by one person and the batteries are attached right before launch without any risk to spill gas into the environment. With the overall low weight and their modularity the boards are really easy to transport and store.
  • How can I control my speed with the Carver and Carver X?
    No handle is needed, that would limit you from managing your balance or doing tricks. Our boards are controlled with a wrist-remote-control were you use finger pressure to adjust the engine power by pressing on the dime size drop attached to the remote housing. We provide 5 different Profiles (E1 - E5) of power distribution. For Expample with E5 the jet reacts lineally to the pressure on the drop like pushing on a trottle (The more you push the more power ist distributed. With the E4 profile (0 to 100%) the jet will directly go to 100% power by pressing on the drop (off2on and maximum power riding). Other profiles like the E1 are staggered with 5 power levels in the profile). All profiles need continous pressure on the drop - easing the drop will always shut down the engine. The difference of the profiles is the way to reach or stay on one desiered power level.
  • How can I limit my engine power output with the Carver and Carver X?
    Our boards are controlled with a wrist-remote-control that is also used to change customer settings without the need of an additional computer or PDA. You can change settings even while being on the water. The Carvers come with 5 different possible power settings (E1 - E5) that will limit the maximum power distribution from the battery/s to the engine/s (E5=100% E4=75% E3=50% E2=25% E1=15%). Limiting the maximum output will extend your runtime. Lighter riders will still get the boards easily planning and be able to enjoy speeds of more than 20mph. Its also good to limit the maximum output if you want to train. Power limitation will always lead to maxspeed limitation, so if you have your kids (14 and older) riding you might want to consider to use the power settings as a parental control.
  • Can I operate a Carver or Carver in a No Wake Zone?
    The Carver's even they are fast don't cause a huge wake like a boat even if operated at higher speeds. The accepted speed depends to additional regulations that you might meet in specific water areas, like Slow Spped Zones. The minium speed you may maintain is the one that will still give you maneuverability. If you have to pass an Slow or Idle Speed Zone you might want to go as slow as possible. This still will be supported by the Carver's as they - other than most PEJBs - are very buoyent, which will provide you stabability and secure our operational capabilities.
  • Why is a Tag and the US Coast Guards exemption so important?
    All personal jet boards have to be registered as any other propelledvessel, boat or PWC on US waters. Therefore we provide you with the CoO. (Certificate of Origin) that will entitle you to register your Carver or Carver X with your local authorities. The USCG exemption CGB 18-001 is an additional feature for our boards. Vessels, boats and PWC have to meet requirements defined by the USCG. Either the USCG approves that the vessel is build meeting statutes or they may allow exemptions in specific cases. This said: All vessels (i.e. Jetski's) have to have show load stickers, a compartment for a fire extinguishers. Also blowers if they are propelled by an internal gas engine. As we know Personal Jet Boards are not built like vessels, but they still have to follow these rules unless the get EXEMPT. What does that mean to you? Let us use an example. You and a friend ride your jet boards. He has a JetSurf and you a Carver. You get stopped by the USCG or other local authorities out on the water. With their "vessel check" they'll check if the boards are fully functional and carry the equipment that they need to meet the statutes, as mentioned above. It's very likely that both of you will not carry a fire extinguisher, and the JetSurf (although it's an internal gas engine) doesn't have a blower. So, as your friend is not meeting code, at least he'll get fined or the authorities may confiscate the board, as we may assume that it wouldn't be registered and taged either. You are approved and exempt from requirements like blowers, service compartments or fire extinguishers, so you may continue to ride and have fun.
  • Do I have to have a licence to operate a Carver or Carver X
    There are different regulations in most States. In general operating a vessel or PWC is regulated by the age of the operator and the horse power of the vessel or PWC. Most States require courses or licences for younger people or minors. The Carver though was build to provide fun and speed for a wide user range, as its 5,000 Watts (7.6Hp) electric engine is below the age and licence threshold of 8 or 10Hp that is effective in most States. This said - and other than other jet boards - also minors may legally enjoy this sport and have fun on the water. For age and licence restrictions see the link below AND contact your local USCG unit for details.[2.8]Minimum%20Ages%20for%20Non-PWC%20Vessels Please note that the max power of the Carver X is above 10Hp so younger riders and their guardians should always check local regulations before riding.
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