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We acknowledge your work and efforts in the amazing water sport activities that your company has brought to your customers in the past. Ecoboardin is able to add another exciting segment to this journey by providing you with best in class products.


Live experience and the opinion of a trusted local advisor are eminent for a potential customer, who wants to experience our products. So we only authorize businesses that have a physical store front or a local rental location with proven record (brick & mortar condition). At least one demo board per VAR & VARR has to be on hand with experienced staff to explain and demo (if location permitting).


We will not measure you on a maximum sales quota but still provide competitive pricing and conditions. Customer satisfaction and best brand reputation is most important for you and us. So our team will provide you with best in class marketing, service and training for your business needs. As we grow, we are seeing more and more consumer request from all over the country. We have States that we want to cover and limited slots to provide. So, just fill out our reseller application by tapping on the bottom and we will get in touch with you after review. 


*) If you have any questions, a complaint or simply need more information contact us at The approval of any application is upon ecoBoardin LLCs sole discretion and may be limited and restricted by our terms and/or additional conditions.

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