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Electric Jet Boards

Recreational prOpelled & selfinflating Paddle-boards

no matter how you want to spend more time on the water - we go you covered
The lightest and strongest surf- foil- & paddeleboards from
sunova  -  best in class electric jet boards from onean reaching up to 30mph**  -  electric paddleboards from sipaboards, that make your day on the water easier

*) compared to the torque of a standard 250ccm 4 stroke engine

**) related to riders weight and conditions. See our Q&A for details


We love the waters of the oceans, the lagoon and the lakes. We are committed to save our environment and at the same time bring pure watersport to as many people as possible, by making electric jet boards a fun for the whole family.


Serving the US with Onean's best in class products and providing sales, training and service for commercial users and individuals and bringing a wider audience to nature is our goal.


We believe that the ease of use, the maintainability and the positive impact on our environment will change the way people will see our waters.

Carver X Pure - Used
$6,990.00Regular Price$5,242.50Sale Price
Carver Pure - Used
$3,790.00Regular Price$2,842.50Sale Price
Carver X Board Package
Carver Twin Board Package

**) related to board type, riders weight and conditions. See our Q&A for details